Acting for Adults slideshow: https://youtu.be/cN1ZpQHF9Mg

Acting Foundations

The Acting for Adults Foundations courses with director Sol Abiad explore of the art of acting for the stage. Sessions are designed for participants to develop basic performance skills that can be harnessed for future artistic endeavours (such as actors’ auditions) or simply for personal development (such as public speaking). Fun and educational exercises aim to raise confidence, sense of play and communication.

Syllabi include:

  1. Improvisation: an introduction to Commedia dell’arte and essential principles.
  2. Voice & Movement: releasing sound and using space effectively.
  3. Shakespeare: connecting with blank verse and figurative language.
  4. Character development: identifying key questions for genuine portrayal.
  5. Scene Study: appreciating text structure, subtext and relating to partners.
  6. Presentation: simulating audition.

Director’s profile:



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