online theatreOver the past few weeks, we’ve been carefully looking into offering training and development of our devised theatre project online. We are immensely grateful to our very understanding venue, hugely supportive during this waiting period.
It is a challenging time for theatre practitioners, many working as freelancers and facing an uphill battle even when circumstances improve. We send out much love and warm regards to all theatre lovers and theatre-makers, namely to those who have well internalized in body and mind that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts…
Brief “how-to” clips, de-facto fenced in the “motion picture” medium, cannot replace the creative phenomena we can feel through all our senses when a troupe works together in a playing space. But the crucial need for social distancing today is an opportunity to seek out new ways of creating, while still respecting all its complexities as well as observing responsible streaming practices.
In the spirit of lemonade, what better way to push the envelope of “experimental theatre” than by experimenting with this now and examine what we take away from our experience? We will do our best to take on this challenge, to share knowledge and channel creativity.

– While we do our utmost to keep workshops dates as they were planned on April 23, we may have to alter our dates.

– We will use selected course content that is adaptable to online learning using platforms on which we will host up to 15 participants ages 18+. It is likely we will adopt Zoom and Dropbox, mindful of responsible streaming and uses.

– We will not charge our “test pilots” for this round, as this is just an experiment; the pioneer group is under no obligation to join future paid programmes. At the same time, they will receive preferential treatment for future live projects if they choose to join the group again when the world is healed.

– We will offer 50% reduction to “test pilots” for any future workshops they choose to create theatre live as a group in Dubai when circumstances allow; this to cover rental, materials, and any guest tutors.

– We welcome mail inquiries on: