This Earth Day, a madwoman and her motley crew take on profiteers who plan to drill Paris for oil in Jean Giraudoux’s Madwoman of Chaillot


Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi theatre production on 22 April 2019 5pm at Zayed Theatre, Reem Island is part of Earth Day celebration held on campus, open to the whole community with free entrance.

The Madwoman of Chaillot written by Jean Giraudoux in 1943 naturally addresses environmental issues and this particular adaptation focuses on absurd reasoning (or lack thereof) behind the short-sighted pursuit of profit.

Unhinged characters played by an all-women cast and interaction with multi-media bring an old story to life for the present day – when the message is as important as ever for a sustainable future.

Once adapted for the big screen, the 1969 movie version starred Katharine Hepburn in the title role with cinematography by Claude Renoir ( /


Exceptionally this year, S.U.A.D. theatre production will be in English, welcoming visitors who can also enjoy an eventful programme including key note speakers on environmental issues, product demonstrations, musical performances, art exhibit and food trucks all in the spirit of reducing our carbon footprint.